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Content Aggregation and Enhancement

Behind every successful catalog is a ton of hard work in terms of content aggregation and enhancement. While aggregated data helps you reduce significant time in searching for a desired item, content enhancement significantly improves search operations by ensuring easy access to the desired product.

At Ambara Soft, we have woven together a comprehensive offering of innovative methodologies for content aggregation and enhancement which would create ready to host product data. We address immediate threats and deliver proactive services keeping future possibilities in mind.

Ambara Soft can aggregate product information from multiple available sources and besides a networked computer environment. Distributors and B2B service providers can avail this service to update their product content database or website directly.

But that’s not all. Our professionals possess specific experience in content aggregation that guarantees new updates that can be completed in less than 1 hour.

Data enhancement
At Ambara Soft, we employ a variety of content enhancement procedures to bring you the most effective catalogs. Our data enhancement procedures can include keywords, synonyms, short descriptions and long descriptions. This additional data enables a more accurate picture about the product.

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