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Data Classification

A crucial part of effective catalog content creation is Data Classification. At Ambara Soft, industry domain experts provide robust domain-specific classification taxonomies which requires specialized expertise and talent.

Ambara Soft provides Data Classification services to the following standards:

UNSPSC, eCl@ss and custom schema as required by the manufacturer or the distributor.

In addition, we also offer the services of our expert data classification team to help you in the creation of robust domain-specific classification taxonomies. The process at Ambara Soft is as follows:

1. In-house domain experts build the process to classify a product.

2. An in-house developed application is used to categorize the products to UNSPSC and eClass standards. This ensures classification to the lowest possible leaf level in any given taxonomy.

3. The application has built in validations to ensure consistency in application of codes. This is extremely important when the purpose of the classification is done for Spend analysis.

Call in the experts to do the job for you in much lesser time and within deadlines so that your catalog plans go as scheduled.

"We are very pleased with your quality of work, commitment, productivity level and the domain knowledge"
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