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Today’s e-consumer marketing environment demands the best from not only your staff and processes but also your catalog marketing activities as well. However, most of supplier catalog content is not e-commerce ready. Moreover, 40% of all supplier Catalogs exist on paper only and most product information exists in legacy systems. Most price updates average 125 – 150% of items annually. An average supplier must update 25-50% of their catalog.


With online catalogs, it is possible to reach specialized market easily than with printed catalogs. By publishing your catalogs on the internet, you stand the opportunity to multiply your profits since your merchandise will be accessible to the international marketplace.

Ambara Soft offers data aggregation, data mining, data enrichment services for manufacturers, distributors, e-procurement companies, amongst others. With a combined experience of 1000 man months in data services a fool-proof process has been developed at Ambara Soft. The process has been built into the robust content creation tool - AmbaraPro.

Ambara Soft, with its partners in 4 countries has large capacity for data processing. The team has experience in handling large volume data at faster TATs. Hourly Online Delivery is the specialty service for the project focused on TATs.

We work with you to intimately define and tailor solutions that meet your immediate and future needs. We facilitate in achieving better processes and measurable business outcomes. In short, we optimize results for your organization and your bottomline.

"We are very pleased with your quality of work, commitment, productivity level and the domain knowledge"
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