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Our Development Process

Requirements Analysis
Gathering of the detailed functional and non functional requirements and the verification from a feasibility perspective would be carried out in the requirement analysis stage. The result of the analysis would be documented and reviewed with Client project team.

Architecture and Design
To cater to the requirements finalized in the previous step, the design of the application is arrived at. The basic objective is to transform the requirements into technical solution and arrive at architecture and design decisions. The design serves as the blue print, and provides all the necessary guidelines for carrying out the development activities in the project.

Architecture decisions include
Application Type like Desktop, Client Server or Web based
Conceptual, Logical and Deployment Architecture
Integration mechanisms

Design includes
Database Design
Application Design
User Interfaces Design
Coding guidelines

The actual software coding of the application based on the design created in the previous stage and covering all the areas finalized during requirements stage is carried out in development stage of the project.


The objective of the testing phase is to verify the developed application against the defined requirements and objectives of the project. Apart from verification of the compliance to requirements the other important objective of testing is to ensure that the application to be delivered is of expected standard and quality.
Testing all the functions of the application following real life business sequences or functional scenarios in an integrated manner and is called as integration testing. Integrated testing can be carried out at the developer’s premises to ensure that the application behaves normally in the development and test environment. The same integrated testing is carried out in users test environment, this is called as Acceptance testing as the acceptance of the software would be dependent on the success of this testing.

Release and Deployment
Based on the success of the integrated testing done in the previous stage, the application is packaged into deployable modules and provided to the client for deployment or by Ambara Soft, as the case may be. A supporting document called release notes is also prepared which elaborates the items being released and the process of deployment

"I would like to thank the entire team at Ambara, for their efforts in developing and implementing the OTS (Order Tracking System). Additionally, halfway through the project, some module were needed to be incorporated which added new complexities and increased the scope of the project. The entire team has tirelessly worked together with one aim of implementing OTS as soon as possible."
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