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Workflow Automation Software
Are you tired of sorting through piles of paperwork everyday? Is your productivity affected because you cannot access files on time? Then workforce automation software is the best bet for you.

POS Software
Studies have proved that customers place high importance on retailer’s technological superiority. Get yourself good POS software and increase your customer satisfaction and acquire new customers regularly.

Real Estate Software
Home buyers are increasingly turning to the Internet before talking to their local Realtors? Therefore using real estate software makes a whole lot of sense.

Outsource your web application development to Ambara Soft Do you require high value software and web application development services? Why not consider outsourcing to India? Indian software development companies offer seasoned, effective software solutions that meet your business goals.

A new approach
If you already have a ready plan with you and wish to outsource only certain phases of the project, then we have a right solution for you. Hire dedicated programmers, graphic designers, analysts and quality assurance professionals on a full time engagement (FTE) basis.

Dedicated Developer arrangement is best when you are looking to either augmenting your existing team, have a large project that requires dedicated staff, or if you have a steady stream of maintenance and enhancements requirements for your software product.

"I would like to thank the entire team at Ambara, for their efforts in developing and implementing the OTS (Order Tracking System). Additionally, halfway through the project, some module were needed to be incorporated which added new complexities and increased the scope of the project. The entire team has tirelessly worked together with one aim of implementing OTS as soon as possible."
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