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Legal Coding is a process of creating a searchable database from the face of the document. We believe data is DNA of any business that is the stuff on which decision and projections are made, but most of the time this data is unorganized in different format, by different format we mean data may be in correspondences, legal documents, agreements, contracts, presentation, minutes of meeting etc, by visually examining various documents and extracting relevant information for the purpose of making those document easily searchable from a database.

We provide two types of Legal Coding.
Objective Coding.
Subjective Coding.

Objective coding is creating an index of objective summary data from a document, and (if discoverable), would include such information as dates, author, recipient and title.
Subjective coding is the indexing of documents around subjective data. This may be gleaned from templates, or more usually from a subjective reading by someone familiar with the topic. This is the more reliable way to determine factors such as importance' of the document.

Standard fields captured in Legal Coding.

Begin Document / Ending Document.
Begin Attachment / Ending Attachment.
Document Date.
Document Type.

“We follow a structured, disciplined approach built on our experience coding millions of pages. Having developed the processes, people and resources to deliver on the both the simple and complex coding.

All projects follow a detailed planning and processing procedure that insures accuracy and consistency. Clients may select from several standard coding specifications that will satisfy most projects are we can help the client in writing a coding manual.

"We appreciate you for providing us the deliveries at short notice with quality"
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