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How we work

Ambara Soft has a detailed process in place to ensure effective use of time and resources and pass on the benefits in terms of costs and time to our clients.

Firstly, we prepare customized project manuals for different cases. Detailed internal specifications are developed to ensure adherence to guidelines and instructions of the project. Training and retraining plays important role of our processes and after the internal manual is prepared; our staff is trained by our experienced coding supervisors.

Tools are designed in-house and are modified by Ambara Soft IT professionals to enable each project more efficient. We always test the tools before document coding begins. Examples of the customization in our coding tool are creating the drop-down lists of fields like document types, date ranges and attachment ranges.

Document Preparation/Reconstruction

  • Document preparation is the most important tasks in a litigation project.
  • Location of bindery elements will be tracked, should document relationships be important to the project.
  • Sticky notes are pasted to paper in the process of scanning
  • Double sided and odd-sized pages are noted.
  • Page orientation is marked for those projects requesting image rotation.
  • Documents are made prepared so that reconstruction is possible, should it be part of the project objectives.

Our tracking system allows accurate updates on delivery timeframes and detail status of ongoing projects. The system allows continuous control of work in progress, enabling up-to-date quality and work-in-progress status reports. Inventory control systems ensure incoming, processing and outgoing of every document ensuring data security.

Quality Processes
We are well aware that quality is the most important factor for success and it is committed to stride with quality hand in all its way. Disciplined conventions followed at I source ensures that data will not be missed or overlooked due to spelling variations or incorrect entries of dates or codes.

The quality-control group is intricately involved in each and every step of the project. Our quality process follows client's specific intakes, effective rationalization and thorough orientation based on project analysis. 100% quality check at every stage is carried out to ensure the best output and the output of the operation teams is measured against stringent quality practices.

Specific quality control methods ensure that documents are treated in a very consistent way even when large number of coders is required to complete a job. We boast an exceptional quality level of 100% in Litigation Coding something that has never been achieved in this industry.

The result of such quality work arises from the quality coding control mechanism that we practice.
Methods such as :

  • 100% visual verification of each document by experienced quality check team
  • Project Specific Validations and Edits custom tailored to suit each project
  • Automated and semi automated checks for spell checks
  • Random Checks on the data will be dispatched by Project Management Team
  • The result of these quality checks empowers us with the advantage that many of its competitors find hard to achieve.

"We appreciate you for providing us the deliveries at short notice with quality"
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