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ANOVA stands for Analysis of Variables or Analysis of Variance. In market research, it’s the testing of the impact of a variable upon a desired response.

ANOVA is widely used in most industries to help identify the cause of potential problems in the production process. It also helps in calculating if variation in (measured) output values is due to variability between various manufacturing processes, or within them.

In practice, there are several types of ANOVA depending on the number of treatments and the way they are applied to the subjects in the experiment. There are broad three conceptual models:

Fixed-effects model assumes that the data come from pockets of normal populations which may differ only in their means

Random-effects models assume that the data describe a hierarchy of different populations whose differences are controlled by the hierarchy

Mixed effects model describes state of affairs where both fixed and random effects are present

Why Ambara Soft?

Ambara Soft uses ANOVA technique when requested by the client or when we deem it is the best fit for the project on hand.

Our professionals are expert in setting up a mathematical process for separating the variability of a group of observations into assignable causes and setting up various significance tests.

We also use most modern of the statistical tools and business intelligence software to aid our professionals in providing the best results for our clients. These tools coupled with the skills of our professionals help in developing models to determine whether the scores for one group of cases in ANOVA is different than another group of cases after the values of other related variables are statistically controlled.

Our highly talented team works as a unit, allowing effective communication with your organization and eventually usable and accurate results for your project.

We also have the required bandwidth and state-of-the-art facilities to allow creation of reliable databases. In addition, we are also perfectly comfortable with spontaneous client requests for scaling the operations are any other requests that the client chooses to exercise.

Our philosophy is “Put the R back in accuracy!” We place immense emphasis on the accuracy of the results as well as maintaining the deadline promised to our clients. With Ambarasoft you’ll be absolutely assured of the quality of the work deliver.

"Detailed analysis or answers to quick turnaround queries based on extensive secondary research to various technology/market related questions"
University of Miami
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