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Churn Analysis

Churn analysis is the calculation of the rate of attrition in the customer base of any company. It involves identifying those consumers who are most likely to discontinue using your service or product.

Churn analysis is extremely helpful in developing a sustainable and robust strategy for customer retention in your company.

When you are aware of the percentage of customers who end their relationship with your company in a given time period you can easily come up with a detailed analysis of the causes for the churn rate. This helps in developing effective customer retention programs for your company.

Churn rate typically applies to many industries chiefly among them are subscription services, such as long-distance phone service or magazines. Churn analysis helps in understanding the behavior of customers that unsubscribe and move their business to a competitor and predicting the likelihood of this event to occur. Other uses vary from calculating employee attrition in any given company.

Why Ambara Soft?
Ambara Soft uses churn analysis techniques when requested by the client or when we deem it is the best fit for the project on hand. Our professionals are expert in choosing analyses models that best fit your project range and scope.

We also use most modern of the statistical tools and business intelligence software to aid our professionals in providing the best results for our clients. These tools coupled with the skills of our professionals help to build models that calculates churn rate for any given time period.

Our highly talented team works as a unit, allowing effective communication with your organization and eventually usable and accurate results for your project.

We also have the required bandwidth and state-of-the-art facilities to allow creation of reliable databases. In addition, we are also perfectly comfortable with spontaneous client requests for scaling the operations are any other requests that the client chooses to exercise.

Our philosophy is “Put the R back in accuracy!” We place immense emphasis on the accuracy of the results as well as maintaining the deadline promised to our clients. With Ambara Soft you’ll be absolutely assured of the quality of the work deliver.

"Detailed analysis or answers to quick turnaround queries based on extensive secondary research to various technology/market related questions"
-Proffessor - University of Miami
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