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Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint Analysis is a multivariate statistical technique that analyses preferences of the customers or end-users for various combinations of attributes. The objective is to determine what combination of a limited number of attributes is most preferred by respondents.

Conjoint Analysis is used in many of the social sciences and applied sciences including marketing, product management, and operations research. For businesses, it helps inunderstanding which particular feature of your product or service is useful and appealing to your customers.

When conducted segment-wise across a predetermined sample of customers, Conjoint Analysis can be used to effectively predict market-share. In addition, customer response to changes in your various market elements can also be predicted.

Why Ambara Soft?
Ambara Soft uses conjoint analysis technique when requested by the client or when we deem it is the best fit for the project on hand. Our professionals are expert in conducting conjoint analysis to determine how people value different features that make up an individual product or service.

We also use most modern of the statistical tools and business intelligence software to aid our professionals in providing the best results for our clients. These tools coupled with the skills of our professionals help to develop models to determine what combination of a limited number of attributes is most appealing to the respondents.

Ambara Soft professionals are trained in all aspects of the methods of conjoint analysis. Data for conjoint analysis is most commonly gathered through a market research survey although there are other ways to collect data.

Algorithms are developed to estimate utility functions. Our professionals are expert in various conjoint analysis methods most commonly using Hierarchical Bayesian procedures that operate on choice data. These utility functions indicate the perceived value of the feature being analyses. It also shoes how sensitive consumer perceptions and preferences are to changes in product features.

Our Value Proposition
Our highly talented team works as a unit, allowing effective communication with your organization and eventually usable and accurate results for your project.

We also have the required bandwidth and state-of-the-art facilities to allow creation of reliable databases. In addition, we are also perfectly comfortable with spontaneous client requests for scaling the operations are any other requests that the client chooses to exercise.

Our philosophy is “Put the R back in accuracy!” We place immense emphasis on the accuracy of the results as well as maintaining the deadline promised to our clients. With Ambara Soft you’ll be absolutely assured of the quality of the work deliver.

"Detailed analysis or answers to quick turnaround queries based on extensive secondary research to various technology/market related questions"
-Proffessor - University of Miami
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