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Market Research

Statistical Services
Ambara Soft offers quality and affordable end-to-end market research statistical services to global clients. What we offer is a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to, cost savings, access to greater expertise, and flexibility of processes and functions.
Our market research statistical services are listed below:

Survey Programming
Data Processing
Data Coding
Data Analysis

Survey Programming
With our survey programming services you gain immediate and discounted access to survey respondents in your target market from our global panel of online respondents. Regardless of the industry to be surveyed we’ll help you find your survey audience and gather the feedback your project requires.

We host and conduct your surveys on our secure networks. You will be provided a unique URL for your survey. Our technical team will build a back end application that collects, organizes and stores the survey responses. This application is hosted on a secure network and only authorized personnel will have access to the application. You can view the status of your survey, the responses, reports etc. in real-time!

Data Processing
Once data is collected, it undergoes a rigorous testing at the hands of our experienced data processing professionals. We adhere to proper data processing ethics -- all of the data collected is unquestionably used. We do not select only those parts of the data which fit the hypothesis.

After data is filtered and the reminder of the data that’s now irrelevant we proceed to dispose the latter. Only necessary information is retained. Our data editing experience helps determine the relevance of data.

Data Coding
Ambara Soft professionals then proceed to align the selected data into a particular system so that it is easy to understand and analyze. Using a statistical approach, data is labeled, typically with simple, numerical codes. It is always better to do coding in office than by interviewers in the field to reduce errors as much as possible.
The type of questioning plays a significant part in data coding. The questions might be closed-ended or open-ended. Closed-ended data coding is a lot simpler than open-ended data coding.

Data Analysis
Ambara Soft market research team is adept in making business relevant sense out of raw data. All our professionals have the required experience to generate critical insights into strategic policies and core business strategies.

The final stage in our statistical service is the effective presentation of research findings. Ambara Soft market research professionals possess optimum knowledge of writing comprehensive research reports. Clients can choose to have reports in any format either PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat format, or a customized, online format.

"Detailed analysis or answers to quick turnaround queries based on extensive secondary research to various technology/market related questions"
-Proffessor - University of Miami
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